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Uncover the Benefits of Synthetic Brushes

Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes

For an extended duration, makeup artists have consistently chosen natural hair brushes for their skill to precisely and effortlessly place products. While synthetic hair brushes were typically utilized for liquid or cream goods, the go-to preference of all other applications was always natural.

As time passed, makeup professionals observed that synthetic bristles had remarkable quality improvements. Glo Skin Beauty and other brands realized the advantages of using man-made bristles. In 2018, all of our brush range was exclusively composed of Polybutylene Terephthalate or PBT – a highly superior fiber with an exceptionally soft feel. We decided to go for this amazing material not only due to its excellence but also because it provides the same lavish and gentle sensation as natural hair brushes do.

Not convinced to switch from your natural hair brushes? Here are our top reasons that you should be opting for synthetic ones. 

Humanely Produced 

We recommend certified PETA-approved Beauty without Bunnies brands, and we take this commitment to an even higher level with our brush line. By strictly avoiding animal by-products in each part of these brushes, the brushes we recommend eliminate any risk of misusing them mistakenly or deliberately. 


Natural brushes made from natural hair can lead to a plethora of allergy-related issues; however, the incidence of allergic reactions associated with synthetic fibers is much less common. Additionally, shedding is no longer an issue with synthetic hairs and manufacturers have better control over product contamination caused by defects. Not only are these advantages cost effective for producers but they also significantly diminish the risk posed to consumers who seek out hypoallergenic makeup tools.

Product Absorption

While it can be beneficial that natural brushes are capable of holding products, this is also one of the main drawbacks. Natural hair brushes have porous bristles which often leads to a waste in product and necessitates more frequent cleanings. Synthetic brushes on the other hand don’t absorb products as much; when cleaned properly, most of the applied products will slide away from them instead of staying locked into its fibers like with natural ones. This eventually saves you money because you’ll use fewer makeup items each time you apply it to your face or body.

Shape of the Bristle 

Natural hair brushes are the ideal choice for achieving a perfect blend of colors and an even application. In the past, it was difficult to find synthetic brushes with bristles that didn’t clump together but now they can be found in abundance. For intricate details like a detail shader,, this brush structure is just right; however, if you’re looking for fluffier applications such as powder or eye blender brushes these might not work quite as well.

To provide the perfect blend of fluffy and lightweight, we recommend jane iredale The Handi Brush, with a combination of bristles both short and long. The shorter hairs help inflate the brush head for that feathery feeling you know and love. 

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