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Uncover the Most Flattering Blush Placement

How to Perfectly Apply Blush for Your Unique Facial Form

Are you looking for the perfect blush placement to enhance your facial features? Look no further! Read on and find out how to apply blush in order to flatter your face shape.

Not only does Blush add vibrancy to your complexion, but it can also be used strategically to sculpt and contour the face. Everyone has a unique facial structure that requires specific blush placement in order to create harmony and flattering accents. Therefore, we have crafted this guide on how best to apply Blush so you can make the most of your makeup.

Face Shape


For a perfect look, brush blush up your cheekbones and softly towards the temples. This will help to create an even balance across your face.

Pro Tip: Pinpoint your cheekbones by drawing in your cheeks. Follow the line created as the placement guide.


To add a gentle roundness to an angular or square face, try adding blush along the cheekbone and blend upwards towards your hairline for a natural finish.

Pro Tip: Giving your cheeks a gentle sweep of blush up to the hairline can help create softer, more fluid lines on the face for an effortless look.


Ovals are geometrically balanced, making it easy to experiment with blush. Place some on the round of your cheeks and avoid extending up towards the temples.

Pro Tip: For an extra lift, use blush to accentuate the apples of your cheeks.


Begin by applying it under the apples of your cheeks, then sweep upwards towards the middle part of your ear. This will give your face an attractive square-like appearance.

Pro Tip: To pinpoint the apples of your cheeks, start smiling.

Blush can be found in different forms and also blush brushes. Here are our pics:

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