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Use Mineral Makeup On Your Weddind Day

Embrace the Benefits of Mineral Makeup on Your Special Day – Here are 5 Reasons to Consider It!


Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, with too many details and decisions to keep track of! But making the choice for your bridal look is easy – use mineral makeup. It ensures that you will be picture-perfect on the big day and these memories will never fade away! With only high quality products used in mineral makeup, you are sure to have photos that last forever.

  • When you’re in front of the camera, mineral makeup will make your skin glow with a stunning HD look.

HD cameras can display every minute detail on the skin; from acne to hyperpigmentation, fine lines and uneven makeup blending. To create a flawless bridal look that still looks natural, mineral foundation is necessary for full-coverage concealer/foundation combination. Mineral makeup gives you all of the coverage you need while appearing effortlessly beautiful!

“Don’t forget to use a primer! “If you’re aiming for an immaculate, poreless finish and strong lasting power for your makeup look, then this is the step that should never be missed. Primers help blur any blemishes or lines on the skin before applying foundation.” Whether you are doing your own bridal make-up or working with a professional artist in preparation of the big day, ensure that priming is always included in practice runs beforehand!

To take a page from ‘Clueless’, instead of relying on mirrors, it’s always better to plan ahead and test out your look with photos before hand. This way you can perfect the look without any stress or surprises on the day! It gives me great peace of mind knowing exactly what products are going to be used and how my hair/makeup will turn out in advance. Taking a few images with and without flash ensures that I’m getting the exact result I want each time.

  • Create picture-perfect makeup with a single application of  triple-milled mineral foundation. 

To create mineral makeup, minerals are ground down into tiny particles. At 100% Pure, our mineral-based powder foundations are triple milled for a smooth and even finish on the skin. You will be left with beautiful coverage that creates a flawless look!

  • To maximize the effectiveness of mineral makeup, it is best to use less product. 

When it comes to your special day, bridal makeup should be taken seriously. To ensure you look flawless all-day long in any kind of climate or lighting conditions – use 10% more product than usual because mineral makeup’s pigment is stronger compared to products with bulking ingredients. A great formula for achieving that perfect glow? Start off with a mineral tinted primer as the base layer, then add an illuminating mineral liquid foundation on top and finish up by setting everything in place with medium coverage mineral pressed powder foundation! You can trust this recipe will provide full coverage and guarantee stunning photographs no matter what life throws your way.

  • Mineral makeup is the perfect choice for those looking to give their skin a breath of fresh air!

Heavily caked on makeup can leave skin feeling weighed down and irritated, causing distress for brides who don’t often wear a lot of it. Traditional cosmetics are also occlusive, meaning they contain oils and lanolin which may block the pores or make your complexion look greasy – not ideal when you’re going to be in pictures! Mineral foundation is breathable and free from these agents that cause clogged pores; leaving you with clear honeymoon-ready skin without worrying about post wedding breakouts.

  • Mineral makeup provides infinite opportunities for your beauty routine!

Mineral makeup offers a range of vibrant hues for eyes, lips, and cheeks. Additionally, there are various shades and coverage choices available in its bases.

  1. Make your complexion look flawless with Cream Foundation and Liquid Concealer , then set it with a beautiful layer of Setting Powder.
  2. Create a smoldering look with a smokey eye and complete the look with  liquid eyeliner for maximum impact.
  3. For a rosy flush, you can’t go wrong with adding blush to your cheeks!
  4. Enhance your cheeks with the Contour & Highlight Cream Blush, offering a range of depths from medium to dark for perfect sculpting.
  5. Liquid Lips


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