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2023 Beauty Trends

Get ahead of the game and discover what beauty trends will dominate in 2023

As 2023 has just begun, we’re already starting to see some remarkable trends. The past year saw a transformation in many areas and now it’s time for more change: from brands bringing forward their modern ways of thinking to customers taking active steps towards their skin health. Get ready, because here are the top trends you can expect this new year:

Compassionately Crafted

Are you aware that 100% Pure is a PETA-approved brand and an affiliate of the Beauty Without Bunnies program? This means they will never test any products on animals, allow others to conduct animal testing for them, use raw ingredients which have been subjected to animal testing or join business markets like China in which animal testing is required.

Cruelty-free business practices are becoming increasingly more popular, however they still aren’t the norm in all industries. It’s thrilling to see that beauty companies are beginning to catch on and adopt these policies. The hope is that soon cruelty-free products will be the standard rather than an exception.

Introducing an even wider selection of shades!

In an effort to ensure that everyone is included in the beauty industry, 100% Pure is proud to announce exciting updates and expansions of their shade range. This topic has become increasingly discussed in recent years due to its importance – and rightly so! Everyone should have access to products which allow them to express themselves with confidence; thankfully, 100% Pure are taking steps towards this new level of inclusion.

Achieve Radiant Skin by Taking Healthy Steps.

If you’re one of those people who can’t manage the time and money to get a professional facial, don’t worry – fresh-face vibes are well within your grasp! In 2023, high quality skincare products will become the go-to solution for reaping spa benefits without breaking the bank. Need advice? Look no further than 100% Pure; their Renew Serum, Glycolic Resurfacing Toner, Restorative Mask and Facial Polish are all excellent choices that will give you beautiful skin in just minutes.

Exceptional Services from Industry Professionals

If your lifestyle permits you to make frequent visits with a specialist, don’t hesitate! There are now plenty of revolutionary treatments available for the hands, neck, back and more that can keep your skin in better condition. Make sure you investigate dermatologists or estheticians/skin therapists near you before scheduling an appointment – ask questions before and after the process as well; it’s understandable that if you’re paying for this service then you should be fully aware of what products they use and which procedures they perform on your skin.

Living Coral

It’s a thrill to embrace the Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral! This fun and vibrant shade of orange-pink is sure to elevate any look. From full monochromatic coral looks to solo features on eyes, cheeks or lips – this hue has become an essential addition in beauty routines. Don’t miss out; check it out today!

Gaining an Understanding of Ingredients

Skincare is now more popular than ever! With the influx of information, it can be difficult to find out what’s fact and fiction. To ensure you have all the knowledge needed for successful product selection, explore ingredients in-depth .

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