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Best Treatments and Products For Each Hair Type

No Two Hair Types Are the Same, so Why Should Their Treatments Be?

Hair Serum Benefits

Achieving enviable locks—whether it be glossy, straight hair or voluminous curls with an undeniable shine to them—looks distinct on everyone. Here at Freebuni Beauty, our team of editors possesses different haircare needs and requirements; as such, our go-to products are all unique!

When summer transitions to fall, our hair issues often change. But with this amazing serum, we are astounded by the results! It helps keep blonde highlights vibrant between salon appointments as well as keeping curls looking healthy and radiant. Therefore, these hair products have become essential for us right now!

Wavy Hair

As the air turns dry and crisp during autumn and winter, my wavy hair can take on a dreaded blowout look that I despise. To coax out any curl left in this season, I create steamy vapors from the shower to moisten up my tresses before quickly brushing it through just once – then praying for the best!

What Succeeds?

My waves are finally restored, thanks to the Multi-Vitamin Healthy Hair De-Frizz Serum. This remarkable serum has provided me with the hydration and texture I need, thus ending my seemingly unending struggle with frizzy hair. It’s a true blessing!

Traditional towels can create wild and unruly frizz, something I became all too aware of—until I discovered this miraculous hair towel. Even some hairstylists resort to pressing damp strands in between paper towels when it comes to managing their curls; however, this soft microfiber cloth does the job just as well without the wastefulness. Plus, it’s way easier to wrap up! This luxurious accessory is definitely essential for those who want tamed locks without sacrificing sustainability.

I firmly believe twice the conditioning renders a much more lasting wave preservation. I condition in the shower and follow it with an invigorating spritz of this delightful leave-in, which has coconut oil. After that, I only brush my hair once; any further brushing can lead to frizziness or unwanted straightness.

Curly and Thick Hair

Achieving the perfect dreamy, glossy curls can be a challenge. Instead of soft waves and voluminous rings, struggling to tame frizzy knots that appear more matted than beautiful is often a reality. My mission? To find tricks to make my hair easier to manage while still retaining its natural shape—neither too defined nor too flat!

What Succeeds?

My curls are nothing short of transformed after every two-week deep conditioning session with this alluringly rich, ultra-moisturizing hair mask. My naturally dry, coarse texture is revived with the same vigor as blow-dried, overworked, and unruly manes! As soon as I finish up my twenty minutes of using the serum and shampooing it out, I lavish on a creamy blend of shea butter and monoi oil at my ends before giving myself some time to settle in while doing other activities in the shower. The result? springy, glossy strands that look thoroughly nourished!

On those slow Sundays when I’m not in a rush, I usually keep the shower steaming for an hour while I whip up a huge batch of granola snacks to last our family most of the week. The following day, my hair felt soft and much easier to manage with very minimal frizzing—even after all that sweat from yoga class!

If only I had known about the incredible Manta hairbrush sooner! Its bendy bristles make quick work of even the toughest knots—those that you might have considered snipping out. What’s more, it feels heavenly against my scalp as I brush through my curls. My favorite way to use it is in the shower when my hair is drenched with conditioner; then, as soon as it air-dries, there are soft and downy bouncy curls awaiting me, which I can’t help but fluff up over and over again!

Have you ever tried a messily styled bun secured with one of these gorgeous scrunchies? Not only do they look great, but they’re made from silk, so there’s no risk of snagging or discomfort. I love how the ballet pink scrunchie contrasts against high-waisted jeans and an ethereal camisole—it adds just the right amount of polished flair.

Straight, Highlighted, and Thin Hair

With years of hair coloring, my locks can become dry and dull. I’m always striving to keep them feeling silky, springy, and glowing while maintaining those trendy blonde highlights!

What Succeeds?

Utilizing the hair serum twice a week has been incredible; every strand of my mane is softer than ever before, and it appears to be healthier and glossier, even at the ends! I’m astounded by all that this product has done for me.

If you want a beautiful hair color that will stand the test of time, quality shampoo is key. Finding one specifically for color-treated hair has been difficult, but I recently discovered this remarkable product—it fights dullness and brassiness like no other! In fact, after my last visit to the salon, my colorist asked me how I managed to keep my hue so vibrant—this shampoo was definitely part of it!

This featherweight, quick-drying dryer is a lifesaver for its ability to provide shine and control frizz. Plus, it adds lift and volume in record time so that I can get my hair done quickly!

Curly and Thick Hair

With my voluminous and luxurious locks, I’ve had to put in many arm workouts throughout the years. Having endured too much damage from perm treatments and texturizers, I decided it was best to only use natural protective styles such as braids and sew-in weaves. As if that wasn’t enough trouble already, my scalp can be quite dry at times, which means added care is essential for keeping it healthy!

What Succeeds?

My scalp has been thanking me ever since I discovered the Reverie Scalp Tonic! This light, refreshing, watery tonic is incredibly hydrating and smells great. Whenever my scalp feels irritated or I need a midweek pick-me-up, I know to reach for this miracle product.

To keep my hair healthy, especially in between sew-in weaves, I require an extra-nourishing conditioner; and this 100% Pure product is the perfect one for me. After a shampoo session, I comb through it with ease before allowing it to stay on my ends for roughly 10-15 minutes, which just so happens to be the amount of time necessary to apply a face mask! Aloe, rose hydrosol, and honey are packed into this formula, which slowly restores bounce within my curls while simultaneously giving them back their shine and moisture.

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