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Radiate Beauty in Your 50s

In Your Fifties? Absolutely Flaunt It!

As I mature, my goal to remain vibrant and hearty continues to grow. Now that 51 is fast approaching, I feel more vigorous than when I was in my twenties! My love for jean cutoffs remains as ever; you can find me near my Hamptons abode on summer weekends with hubby and the three kids where I’m radiating a glowing complexion, hair cascading gloriously over sun-kissed shoulders while shapely legs glimmer in the light.

Meditation is a part of my daily routine, and I take great care of my skin (which suffers from rosacea). Sourdough bread has become one of the staples in my diet. Above all else, I’m a firm believer that too much makeup ages you more than necessary; it’s best to keep your foundation light so as not to weigh down your appearance. Here, I share how these practices have transformed me inside and out over time, along with some tips on looking beautiful at any age!

1. Let Go of What’s Holding You Back

I have a photo of me meditating on a rock when I was three years old. Meditation is an amazing way to focus inwardly and do away with anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions. When you don’t practice meditation regularly, the effects are subtle yet noticeable; once you’ve mastered it, its power becomes clear. Through this activity, we can become more mindful of our feelings without allowing them to control us, which has resulted in immense growth for myself personally!

2. Skincare is Invaluable

My skin suffers from rosacea, so I have to pay extra attention to my skincare routine. The products need to be not only hydrating but also resonate with me on an emotional level, being soothing and enjoyable as I apply them without being overly smothering or fragranced. To achieve this balance of practicality and pleasure, I’ve found that the cleanser from 100%Pure is a great choice; creamy in texture, it removes makeup quickly while making my skin feel incredibly supple! Additionally, I use a microfoliant exfoliator, which works wonders. I also use a scrub

After cleansing, I enjoy applying a cream or butter to my skin for an extra glow and plumpness. What’s important when selecting one is that it melts in completely so the makeup doesn’t pill up afterward. The Super Fruit Oil Nourishing Eye Cream is perfect since its texture finds just the right balance between richness and smoothness that works synergistically with makeup. Its depuffing action also adds comfort as well! As for the face cream, I love how pillowy it feels on my skin while giving me a beautiful radiant finish each time too!

3. Upgrade Your Natural Beauty with These No-Makeup Strategies

As we age, it’s essential to accentuate our natural beauty rather than try to hide it. Showcase your best feature, be it highlighting your cheekbones or emphasizing those eyes! You see women in their 20s with so much makeup on that they end up making themselves look decades older; opt for the subtle approach instead. By doing this, you can enhance a youthful appearance without erasing all that has made us who we are today.

Regardless of age, it is vital to be light-handed with foundation and powder. For parts of our faces we would rather not see, some techniques can help in making them look better. I have dark droopy corners under my eyes, which I can make less apparent by delicately tapping on the highlight shade from my eye shadow palette.

Subtly dab the product on your skin; don’t go too heavy. Blend a bit of foundation stick with a brush, then delicately sweep brown eye shadow in diagonal strokes to have an uplifting effect. For extra drama when going out, play up my eye color with black eyeshadow!

To replicate real skin, I utilize two hues of my foundation stick. Utilizing the lighter tone as a concealer, it glides over areas where there is redness from rosacea around my nose or in between my eyebrows and along the jawline. The deeper shade gives me an even more refined look when using a brush for larger sections to cover at important meetings. This combination creates natural-looking results that make everyone double-take!

4. The Power of Subtle Pigments

After applying the foundation, the key is to add dimension and color. It’s essential that your makeup looks like skin, not a mask. I always aim for a sun-kissed look but reduce it in February and March since I live in NYC—I apply bronzer smoothly under my eyes, across my forehead, over my eyelids, and along the bridge of my nose, but never below the cheekbones because this results in an overly flattening effect on one’s face.

To create an authentic look, I add blush to give my skin depth and definition. By using different hues of blush, you can make sure that the makeup looks natural; if your skin is a single shade, it will be obvious that you are wearing cosmetics. When selecting a color for your cheeks, opt for rosy shades as they enhance facial features nicely. This same concept holds for hair: by adding highlights and lowlights, you achieve more realistic results than with one solid color, which may appear heavy or like a helmet on your head!

See the skin you desire and bring it to life! It’s not as overwhelming a task as you may think, so don’t be frightened by taking that first step. Even if your complexion is far from perfect or has multiple bumps, focus on making small improvements instead of striving for absolute flawlessness. Use tiny dots of foundation over certain regions and accentuate those features that make you feel beautiful and confident—no need to strive for perfectionism!

5. Indulge in Gluten-Free Treats

A substantial part of remaining youthful and energetic is connected to my diet. I tend to eat the same meals most days, such as a delightful slice of gluten-free sourdough bread from my sister-in-law’s starter; almond butter from Rejuvenative Foods that are cold pressed and chunky; plus a tiny bit of honey for sweetness. Or sometimes avocado, cucumber, and olive oil on the bread works too! I also make homemade almond milk blended with espresso shots and ice cubes—add in some delectable blueberries if you want an extra boost—which provides me with all the energy needed throughout the day.

At lunch, I adore a hearty lentil meal; think lentil salad accompanied by gluten-free sesame crackers. For dinner, my go-to is something wholesome and nutritious – halibut tacos with dill yogurt sauce or gluten-free lobster pasta are my favorites! While I try to avoid sugary treats when possible, if there’s an incredible loaf of bread served with olive oil around, you bet that I’ll indulge in some Parmesan cheese paired with a glass of wine. And after doing Zoom calls all day? Nothing beats unwinding with a scrumptious piece of dark chocolate!

6. Reinvigorate Your Body With an Annual Detox

Every January, I observe a month-long cleanse that has been part of my routine for over a decade. During this period, I abstain from sugar and alcohol while avoiding inflammatory foods such as flour. Although it can be difficult to maintain rigidity during the 30 days and feel like one is missing out on fun experiences, I’m always pleased with how energized and vibrant Skinny looks in February compared to December!

7. Discover Your Ideal and Flattering Uniform

Clothing can give you a huge confidence jolt and amplify your self-assuredness. When you’ve picked an outfit that fits well and flatters your figure, it’s difficult not to feel like a million bucks! I am especially fond of clothes that make my booty look irresistibly cute; there is nothing better than finding the perfect pair of jeans for this purpose.

Moreover, I cannot emphasize enough how essential investing in quality fabrics is—many sweaters from years ago still fit me perfectly due to their timeless design and robust texture, which has remained intact despite wear and tear. After all, why should we ever compromise on looking our very best?

8. Embrace the Uncomfortable

Physical activity helps keep you mindful of your body’s posture, strengths, and weaknesses. Every aspect of our bodies is connected; if you lack core strength, it might lead to back issues. It gives me such a positive boost in spirit when I give my all during exercise, plus the feeling afterward leaves me incredibly productive!

To help motivate me further, I have this mantra that goes like this: Even with how hot it gets out here while running, I remind myself that these momentary pains will be over soon enough, and they are surely worth enduring since, when done so well, you get an invigorating jump into the bay right after as a reward. Not giving up on anything has been something that relies heavily on motivation, yet even if you’re too busy at times, don’t feel bad about taking a break from exercising either.

9. Eliminate Frizz

With my incredibly thick mane, I’m always looking for something to make it silky. Unfortunately, living near the beach only exacerbates this problem; frizz is unavoidable unless my hair is wet! I use Rahua’s hair mask once a week to add moisture and combat flyaways while also maintaining vibrant color. Additionally, applying some Argan oil on the ends helps keep them smooth and shiny like never before!

To ensure my hair color stays vibrant and healthy, I use glossy shampoo and conditioner. As soon as it’s been washed, while still wet, I secure a bun on top of my head using unique clips that leave no kinks or bends—this is the key to achieving beachy waves without damaging heat tools.

10. Let Out a Hearty Laugh

Make sure you maintain your sense of humor and stay inspired by doing something creative. This is the key to feeling more at ease in your body, secure about your decisions, and genuinely being yourself. No matter what age you are, it’s really all just a state of mind!

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