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Summer Time Tips

Beat the Summer Heat with These 7 Stylish Tips!

After a long, harsh winter, thawing out is such an incredible sensation – but unfortunately spring doesn’t stay around for too long! With summer temperatures reaching new highs each year, it’s more important than ever to learn how to beat the heat. Here are some great tips and fashionable pieces that will help you stay cool in style throughout this summer season.

Shield yourself with a hat for optimal safety and protection.

Not only are fedoras and floppy hats chic, but also highly functional. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it is important for people to don a wide brimmed hat (measuring 3 inches or longer) in order to protect their scalp and face from harmful UV rays.

Elevate your look with tops that have cutouts.

Who doesn’t love cutouts? From sheer lace to crochet sleeves, this flirty feature not only adds femininity but also provides breathability. Off-the-shoulder tops, cold shoulder dresses, open-weave knit tops, open-back tops and backless dresses are all great options that let the air flow in! For a more daring look you can opt for crop top styles too.

Look Luminous in White.

Although we all love the timelessness of wearing black, why not take a break from it for now? Dark tones absorb more heat than light colors, so switch up your wardrobe with a cool, white outfit. Lift the look by adding in an eye-catching lip color like bright and glossy lipstick. This will give you the perfect summer style that’s both comfortable and fashionable!

Roll Up Your Sleeves

During the summer months, long sleeve shirts are still in play—all you need to do is roll up your sleeves! This easy switch gives you more style options and helps make the most out of your cold weather wardrobe. Plus, it saves a little money too!

Ideal Fabrics to Consider.

For the ultimate summertime look and feel, opt for natural fibers such as cotton – it breathes! Rayon is another perfect choice for warm-weather clothing; lightweight and airy. This cerulean blue romper looks so beautiful in its loose fit design and you’ll be cool all day long! Keep nylon or polyester at bay if possible to make sure your outfit isn’t too heavy on hot days.

Elevate your summer look by rocking a sharp pair of tailored shorts.

As the temperature rises, your denim should not be relegated to the back of your closet. Instead, opt for a tailored pair of shorts with at least a 4’’ inseam and use it as an opportunity to add some fun variety into your wardrobe!

Abstain from wearing structured tops for a more stylish look.

Give your wardrobe an ultra-chic makeover with peplum tops and blazers. Tailored to fit close to the body, these pieces provide a sharply defined silhouette. For something relaxed yet stylish, try wearing loose graphic tanks or tees – they’re definitely comfy! If you’d like more definition but still crave comfortability, slip on a lightweight blazer over a flowy tank.

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