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Tips From The Pros, Makeup Essentials

Discover the Magic of Makeup with Tips from Industry Professionals: Must-Have Items for Your Kit!

If you want to be ready for any makeup application, just like the professionals do, then here are some must-haves that every experienced makeup artist swears by. From extra hair clips and breath mints to multiple brushes – having these items on hand can go a long way in reducing stress when getting all glammed up for a big event. Check out this list of necessary kit components and make sure your beauty arsenal is fully prepared!

Skin Priming – Get Ready to Glow!

Skincare is paramount for both makeup professionals and everyday users alike. To ensure a radiant look, clean, prepped skin is key! For pros who tend to multiple people daily, it’s wise to have various items on-hand that are suited for diverse complexions such as our Hydrating Gel Cleanser, Balancing Mist or Oil-Free Moisturizer. If you’re solely responsible for your own facial care (or just one other person), be sure to select products based on their distinct skin types and any issues they may be experiencing.

Disposable materials provide the ultimate convenience 

Make sure to have an abundance of disposable tools, such as lip and mascara wands and makeup wipes, on hand for your job. As a consumer you should always keep some extras in reserve with the expectation that you may need them unexpectedly when blending colors without destroying the original item.

Every Woman’s Must-Have Makeup Essentials! 

An expert makeup artist must have a diverse arsenal of products for every base, lip, cheek and brow. Each customer may also have different color and texture preferences that you need to be aware of. For your own personal use, however, it’s essential to find the correct shade and formula that suits best with your skin tone! Even if you’re just starting out in the world of makeup artistry – make sure to always keep a handy Lip Balm, Brush Cleaner and Gentle Makeup Remover as these will help ensure efficiency during each job.


Professionals, don’t forget to take along your palette and spatula plus multiple brushes for a flawless application. Those who use makeup daily should opt for condensed palettes or products that can be used in multiple ways, such as a Contour Kit which doubles as an eyeshadow palette. And everyone must have tweezers, a mirror and hairspray on hand at all times!

A collection of miscellaneous 

Now for the best part! Whether you’re at work or out with friends, it’s never a bad idea to carry a Tide pen, eye drops, lint roller and double-sided tape – they can save you in emergency situations. Professional stylists should always make sure they have an organized carrying case filled with the necessary tools and products as well as bring along a body towel to stop any product from impacting clothing items.


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